Dave Snowberg has spent much of his life traveling throughout the world on multi-month bike tours and sea kayak expeditions. He believes it is important to tread lightly while searching out nature photos. For him, this means traveling by human-powered means, because he does not want to pollute the world he seeks to understand.

Dave feels privileged to have:

  • Sea kayaked from Seattle to the Bering Sea
  • Bike toured solo across western China and Tibet
  • Sea kayaked alone down the southern coast of Patagonia in Chile
  • Sea kayaked down the Baja peninsula in Mexico
  • Sea kayaked alone from Homer to Valdez in Alaska
  • Sea kayaked alone from the Mackenzie River to Prudhoe Bay in the Arctic Ocean
  • Bike toured alone around Central America
  • Bike toured the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
  • Bike toured through Southeast Asia
  • Sea kayaked around Baranof Island in Alaska
  • Hiked┬áthe Hayduke Trail in the American Southwest

Please visit www.outsideforever.com to read about some of Dave’s travels.

Arctic Fox Pups, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Summer 2006, Dave Snowberg Photography